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Synopsis :

A vast, dusty terrain, long-shots of two eagles in the sky, and a lone ranger gallops forward with his spoils of war – the body of a dead man. He is covered in mud: a sign of the prolonged combat that must have ensued. He walks up to the village Thakur, plonks the body before him, and demands his reward. Let’s just say the rewards – four gold coins – were not easy to scoop out of the greedy Thakur’s coffer. Some persuasion and a little bit of threat later, he gets what he wants. But his victory doesn’t make him happy. He is simultaneously guilty for committing a crime and hopeful that it was just a stepping stone to take him closer to what he is actually hunting.

Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Gosain, a Naga Sadhu, an assassin to be precise, in Navdeep Singh’s ambitious Laal Kaptaan. And the actor sinks his teeth into the character from the first scene. Gosain is established as a man with conflicting morals. He doesn’t really want to kill, and certainly not the innocent, but he knows that it is sometimes just the means to an end. He is driven by revenge; almost a slave to it. And until he can nab his actual target, he will take up whatever odd jobs that come his way, like killing wanted dakus for hefty rewards. It should have worked, for Saif is near-flawless. But it somehow doesn’t. Despite you sitting in front of the screen and wanting it to work.

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Action |  Drama 




Saif Ali Khan , Deepak Dobriyal


Navdeep Singh

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